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The Passive House standard is a sustainable building solution that was developed in Germany. With this new approach to home construction, residents can experience proper thermal comfort and enjoy the benefits of low energy consumption all year long without having to be dependent on expensive heating systems or air conditioners.

Rising concern over climate change continues to place increasing demands on the design quality and energy efficiency of our buildings. High performance buildings that provide optimal internal comfort without adding further pressure on the environment require innovative design solutions from architects and engineers, such as those offered by Passive House, a building methodology designed for optimum internal comfort with minimal environmental impact in mind. This advanced yet simple way of designing has been around since 1999 but is it something to the Australian market.

A passive building is an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly type of residential home, that meets three important criteria:-

–       minimising the need for heating and cooling,

–       airtightness in your house to increase thermal efficiency by reducing drafts from outside sources, and

–       restricting the total amount of power required through greater insulation levels.

As we move into a more sustainable future, Passive House is a new building system that incorporates aesthetically pleasing structures whilst ensuring energy efficiency, comfort, excellent air quality and low operating costs.

Air Excellence

The Air Excellent ventilation system is a ductwork that distributes the fresh air to the buildings. This process creates heat recovery when ventilating residential and small commercial building, which allows for an increase in comfort due to increased airflow while also decreasing energy costs. The distribution unit has insulated mass flow ducts connected for central mechanical ventilation systems with silencers.

In the distribution box, air is distributed to different ducts and adjusted with regulators at each connection.

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