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TVD SYSTEMA high quality building system with a simple concept behind it. It all comes to how foamed polystyrene is utilised in the construction process.

At Boss Easy Build TVD, each of these components are placed between two layers of steel mesh. The unique production of the board insulates the material thermally and acoustically.

The reinforced mesh is made of standard 6 mm iron bars, which are spaced 150 mm apart. All of the boards are connected to the mesh via patented connectors developed by NASA, that have a seal of approval from the International Standards Institutions. In-keeping with the sustainable quality of the building system, these connectors are made of glass fibre and vinyl ester polymer which means they:-

  • Don’t erode with time or harsh elements
  • Are resistant to chemicals
  • Are low in thermal conduction








OUR PROMISEWith no thermal conduction, they don’t create thermal bridges, meaning the overall system reduces vapours, reducing energy leakage by more than 99%.

After installing the walls, windows and doors are simply cut in. Installation of infrastructure essentials, such as water lines, electrical lines, HVAC and drainage are the last steps to the building process. Once that is done, the entire ensemble is sprayed (shotcrete) in three layers of concrete and for better finishing of thicker walls peri formwork is used. The entire job is finished with a final coat of plaster.

This entire process is completed in a few short weeks! The final structure is not only stronger against natural disasters, it can stand the test of time by withstanding erosion for decades (a great benefit if you live by the sea). Plus, due to the low thermal conduction characteristics of the construction material used, the buildings remain cool in the summer and warm during the winter.

  • Reduce the need for expensive heavy machinery onsite
  • Reduce the need for professional human resources
  • Reduce the construction process by at least a third
  • Remain eco-friendly and pest-free (No wood is used during construction)
  • Reduce chances of fires
  • Moisture and damp proofing that prevents mould and mildew growth

Starting From Humble Beginnings, Boss Easy Build TVD Has Revolutionised The Australian Construction Industry